The EIT-Pioneer Set

The world’s first EIT-Pioneer Set – a plug-and-play hardware and software package can be acquired at net cost price at SenTec AG. Image reconstruction and processing of raw data obtained with this set can be carried out without any limitations by the software tools provided through EIDORS.

SenTec supports and helps the global multidisciplinary network of EIT researchers grow by sponsoring both this conference and the associated EIDORS workshop in addition to offering the EIT-Pioneer Set which includes the free and publicly available proprietary STEM software. This multidisciplinary network consists of experts in clinical, physiological and technical EIT as well as specialists in EIT related mathematics and algorithms.

Our research partners have committed themselves to provide software components and tools that are fully compatible with the EIT-Pioneer Set while we as a company committed us to deliver all current and future data in the Open EIT Data Format (oEIT). Please visit https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/open-eit-format for more information on the oEIT format and http://www.sce.carleton.ca/faculty/adler/publications/2012/gaggero-EI2012-oeit-file-format.pdf to download the original paper on this initiative.

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The ingredients of a successful EIT measurement – The ingenious EIT-Pioneer Set


Connect the active EIT electrodes ...


... to a smart plug on an equally smart cable ...


… install our STEM Software on your PC and off you go!