Beginnings of Swisstom’s success story

To look inside the thorax and watch our lungs breath and hearts beat has been an ancient vision. Swisstom AG’s revolutionary technology finally makes this dream come true. In September 2012 we reported on an important technological breakthrough. Swisstom’s team is currently working at full speed to achieve series maturity of our prototypes and commercialize them within 2013.

investor_2 However, such ambitious goals required further venture capital since first round financing granted by the municipality of Landquart as well as Graubuenden’s (Grisons) innovation foundation was not enough for this purpose. Due to Swisstom’s prior progress, both parties immediately agreed to provide a major part of the additional sum required. Still, further investors had to be found and convinced in order to finance the remaining sum of the 2nd round (2 million Swiss Franc). Fortunately, this quest was extremely successful and exceeded the initially targeted amount considerably! Within a single year, Swisstom was able to attract venture capital of more than 7 million Swiss Franc to Landquart in Switzerland. A major part of this sum will be spent in Grisons – either through new jobs or contract assignments with regional service providers.

Over the hump?

Everybody agrees – Swisstom’s technology offers an enormous market potential. Yet there are risks, too, which are hard to evaluate at this moment. Final success and results of all the the hard work and effort invested by Swisstom’s pioneers will not become obvious that soon – then again not an uncommon fate of start-up companies in medical technology. However, the stars seem to come into alignment since independent experts attest our young company excellent ratings: Since 2011, Swisstom is one of Switzerland’s 100 best start-up companies. Even better – Swisstom was able to improve its already great position from 2011 (49th) by another 12 ranks to 37th in 2012. Considering start-ups in medical technology only, Swisstom ranked 7th (
Globally active and leading med-tech companies visited Swisstom to examine its pioneering technology and came to the consistent conclusion that there is currently no comparable product on the world market. By now, Swisstom concluded precontracts with some of them. These precontracts will secure those companies access to a completely new dimension of patient monitoring by visualizing heart and lung function.