Implement our technology into your products

Instead of marketing its products under the Swisstom brand name, Swisstom decided to operate as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for other companies. OEM describes a manufacturer that produces hard- or software for other companies that will offer and market the product under their own brand names. Direct customers of Swisstom are therefore internationally established manufacturers of mechanical ventilators or vital sign monitors who will integrate Swisstom’s innovative EIT technology into their own devices. This approach eliminates the need for additional, usually bulky devices – saving limited resources including cost and bedside space for the benefit of patients, doctors, caregivers and providers of medical insurance.

Swisstom is currently looking for additional OEM partners active in the fields of vital signs monitoring, mechanical ventilation, anesthesiology and intensive care medicine.

Swisstom offers:

  • We adapt our hardware to your needs. Since the footprints of our products are very small, we are able to fit them into the smallest space available of your monitor, anesthesia machine or ventilator.
  • Sensor belts will be uniquely coded so that you will be in full control of product quality and distribution channels. At the same time, this will protect your investment in our technology.
  • Given the experience we gained over the last ten years and our inimitable know-how in the development of novel user interfaces, integration and visualization of medically important content – we will be happy to assist you in developing the concept of your EIT monitor display.
  • We also adapt our software to your needs. We can provide you with any type of current video, image, movie or data format. If you´d rather work with compressed information, we will be happy to do this for or together with you.

Please contact Walter A. R. Gandorfer for further information:

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